Fascias & Soffits

We use the highest quality roofing materials

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Classic Roofing Contracts Ltd stands at the forefront of installing replacement fascias, soffits, cladding, bargeboards, guttering, and downpipes. Selecting the right company for these essential components is crucial for both the aesthetics and the protection of your property.

Our expertise ensures that your home not only looks appealing but is also safeguarded against weather elements, enhancing its longevity and curb appeal. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality, using only the best materials to ensure a seamless and durable installation.

Your Assurance of Quality and Trust with Classic Roofing Contracts Ltd

  • All work complies with appropriate legislation
  • Recommended, Vetted & Monitored by the Checkatrade Scheme
  • 20+ independent Checkatrade reviews with an average score of 9.9/10
  • Vetted and approved by Trustmark (Government Endorsed)
  • Approved by the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CRC)
  • Minimum of 10 year Guarantee, backed by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA)
  • We have many satisfied clients throughout the region including London Kent Essex & Surrey
  • No salesmen, just tradesmen. We are a family run business and believe our quality and workmanship are second to none
  • Company policy to not accept deposits and you only pay when satisfied with the work.

Expert Installation of Fascias and Soffits

The precise installation of fascias and soffits is critical not only for the aesthetic appeal of your home but also for its protective capabilities. Classic Roofing Contracts Ltd specialises in the expert fitting of these essential components, ensuring they perfectly align with your home’s architecture and roofing system. A well-installed fascia supports your guttering system, preventing sagging and breakage, while correctly positioned soffits facilitate essential attic ventilation, reducing the risk of moisture build-up and heat accumulation.

Guarding Against Water Damage and Structural Decay

Fascias and soffits play a crucial role in protecting your home from water ingress and the potential structural decay that can follow. A leaky gutter, if left unattended, can lead to water seeping into the roofline and causing significant damage to the fascia boards. This not only compromises the integrity of your roofing but can also lead to costly repairs if the problem spreads to the internal structures of your home. By ensuring that your fascias and soffits are in top condition, Classic Roofing Contracts Ltd helps prevent moisture damage, safeguarding your home against the elements and maintaining its structural health.

Fascias and Soffits Repair

Neglecting damaged fascias and soffits can lead to a host of problems, from unsightly water marks to severe structural issues. These components are vital for redirecting water away from your property, thereby preventing leaks and dampness from affecting your home’s foundation and interior. Classic Roofing Contracts Ltd emphasizes the importance of timely repairs and maintenance to ensure that your soffits and fascias perform their protective functions effectively. By addressing issues early, we help extend the lifespan of your roof and avoid the need for more extensive and expensive repairs down the line. Trust our expertise to keep your home dry, secure, and visually appealing.

Fascias & Soffits

We use the highest quality roofing materials.

Our meticulous approach to installation guarantees that your fascias and soffits not only enhance the look of your property but also perform flawlessly, protecting your home from water damage and contributing to a healthier living environment.